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Does Your Home Or Business Have Hail Damage?

Your roof and exterior walls are as susceptible to hail damage as the hood of your car.  When hail hits your roof it creates small dents, cracks and impact marks in the metal or the coating of your metal roof.  This impact will negate the warranties of most metal roof manufacturers.  It may not leak the day after the storm but over time it will happen as these areas tend to rust out, leading to leaks in the future.

Sometimes it’s difficult to determine whether a roof needs to be replaced after a hail storm because the damage is not always apparent to the untrained eye.  Severe Storm Restorations LLC hail damage specialists are specially trained and experienced to assess the damage and restore your property.

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Don’t Let Hail Damage Go Undetected

If your property went through a hail storm but damage is not readily visible it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  If enough of the metal surface was slightly dented or even the coating was impacted, this could lead to future leaks as these areas will rust out faster from the elements.  Many insurance companies will not cover ‘old’ hail damage. So it is important to get your property inspected and take action, ideally between 6-12 months after the storm so you’re not stuck with costly repairs that are no longer covered by insurance down the road.

It doesn’t take much of a hail storm to leave its trace across open metal surfaces, damaging the coating and possibly denting the metal surface.  If hail damage goes undetected, this can not only lead to future leaks and water damage,  it can also shorten the warranty and  service life of your roof.  It’s always wise to call a restoration professional after every hail storm for a free roof inspection.

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