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ATTENTION: Insurance Carriers, Property Managers, and Government Agencies


Storm recovery teamServicing and reaching customers, property owners and/or citizens in a timely manner after major storms and catastrophic events can sometimes be overwhelming, especially during heavy claim or call volume.

The SSRS LLC Storm Recovery Team [SRT] has the ability to mobilize project managers, estimators and property inspectors.  This includes SRT repair crews, trucks, ladders, tarps, emergency equipment and resources as well as additional networks tradesmen and subcontractors.  We are prepared to mobilize after major catastrophic events due to cyclones, hail, water, and fire.  We quickly implement our teams with speed, safety, and resources to help property owners.  In the event of a major catastrophic event, we can bring in additional resources from our global network of contractors.

Severe Storm Restoration LLC has a designated Storm Recovery Team [SRT] in place to offer the following emergency services:


  • Tucson Storm recover team24-hour emergency tarp and property protection service
  • Proactive 10-point property and roof inspection
  • Photographs of any storm related damages
  • Fair, market estimates at “agreed upon line item pricing” in coordination with insurance carrier or government agency
  • Claim inspection, photos, and comprehensive estimate provided within 72 hours of receipt of claim
  • Streamlined management of the insurance claims process, making it a win for the customer, the contractor, and the insurance company
  • 100% customer service

STORM RECOVERY TEAM: Providing The Calm After The Storm

Wouldn’t you feel better and have peace of mind to be prepared and have this program in place BEFORE the next major storm or catastrophic event?

  • Insurance companies have a fiduciary responsibility to respond to the claims quickly, servicing their property owners so they can get repairs done at fair market pricing.
  • Government agencies have a fiduciary and ethical responsibility to ensure they have a robust and comprehensive emergency management plan with a large network of contractors and resources in the event of major catastrophic event.
  • Property Managers have a fiduciary responsibility to make sure they have an emergency management system in place for their building owners.

Our goal is to help you have the SRT Program in place before the next storm or major catastrophe

We are proud to provide 100% customer service at all times for all parties involved, including property owners, insurance companies, government agencies.  This process represents a win for the customer, a win for the insurance company, and a win for the contractor.


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